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"Coaching is emotional intelligence in practice"

Sir John Whitmore in
"Coaching for Performance"

Who we are

We are a collective of four passionate safety professionals from Europe, the US, China and South Africa.

We were thrilled by the opportunity to learn and experience the power of coaching during the recent years and to spearhead the design and implementation of ‘safety coaching’ as a new and original safety management approach and leadership style in the world’s largest gas company’s engineering division.

Ask & Smile

This is not just a slogan. It is our program.

"Ask" stands for the magic that happens when professional coaching meets human beings. Rather than telling or instructing we believe in the power of exploring and supporting to learn.  

"Smile" is what happens, when both coach and coachee feel that a relationship was built, new awareness was created and responsibility was generated.

What we do

We will support you to become a great leader in safety!

If you - or your organization - wants to develop towards an interdependent, integrated or excellent safety culture, this is your place.

Live Online Classes, Trainings, Workshops and much more will help you to develop your safety leadership & coaching skills to achieve maximum effect in your safety work.



 "To breathe life into safety, by rethinking applied practices, so that others can improve their lives and the lives of the ones they care for.”

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