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Toolbox Talks don't have to be a waste of time

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

In all our efforts to become more efficient, better, quicker, safer and more satisfied, it seems we overlooked for far too long the early morning downturner and time waster called 'Toolbox Talk' or whatever funny names we give these events. If you had a great sleep at night, don't worry, this will knock you out.

But has it really to be like this? Maybe, with an attitude that doesn't see people as the problem to control, garnished with some wonderful coaching skills and topped with techniques such as the GROW model, there is even the chance to make it something remarkable .. every single morning.

What thoughts arise in you when you imagine giving others the opportunity to think, speak and learn, rather than listening only?

How about facilitating toolbox talks, pre-job safety talks, start meetings etc. as if human beings would be present?

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