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XFluence is a collective of four passionate safety professionals from Europe, the US, China and South Africa.

We, the four XFluencers, were thrilled by the opportunity to learn and experience the power of coaching during the recent years and to spearhead the design and implementation of ‘safety coaching’ as a new and original safety management approach and leadership style in the world’s largest gas company’s engineering division.


We have experienced safety coaching as ‘inspiration,’ ‘life-changers,’ and ‘eye-openers,’ for us, for the ones that we helped to learn about it and the ones that we have coached.

This experience has shown us that a breakthrough in safety performance and culture is not magic. It can be achieved through the targeted implementation of learnable, novel, and fascinating leadership and communication skills. 

Fabian Buckley
HSE Professional &
Nebosh accredited trainer
South Africa
IMG-20201207-WA0016 (002).jpg

South African working as an HSE professional since 2003 for various organizations within the Mining, Oil and Gas and other Construction related projects around the world.


I was introduced to what true Safety Coaching is and how it can be used to positively change behavior of employees and ultimately change the safety culture of an organization within a short period of time.

I am passionate about people and helping others learn more about the power of safety coaching.

I am a registered Construction Health and Safety Manager and a Nebosh accredited trainer.

Paul Howard
HSE Professional

American and working as a safety professional for different organizations in the nuclear as well as in the oil & gas sector in the USA.


Sometimes in our industry, there is a certain stigma around safety and production. My passion is bridging the gap and understanding how we can better support production as a safety professional but still work within the policies and procedures.


It is my firm belief that with proper coaching, training, and communication, every incident is preventable.

HSE Professional 

Chinese, Certified Safety Engineer in China, a safety professional since 2004 for different manufacturing companies.


Along with daily safety management, it is wonderful to learn coaching since 2015 and see its power and magic.


I believe there is a lot of hidden potentials in safety, and Safety Coaching will lead us to unlock those treasure to create a better world.

I will be quite delighted to experience this fantastic journey with all of you!

Who we are

DSC_0082 (3).jpg
Sara del Barrio
HSE Professional &
Associate Certified Coach

Spanish, working in a multicultural environment since 2005 as a health and safety professional on different type of construction sites for various industries including the oil & gas sector.


Certified coach (ACC level), accredited trainer for leadership coaching classes and certified "The Inner Game Methodology" facilitator.


I believe in the power and the magic that coaching can bring into the safety industry and specially the impact that it could have in the leadership style of any organization.

XFluence experience, knowledge, concepts and trainings are based on ... 



“To breathe life into safety, by rethinking applied practices, so that others can improve their lives and the lives of the ones they care for.”



XFluence is all about people

  • Our foundation is passion, experience, and care for people.

  • Our approach is curiosity and fascination about potential.

  • Our pursuit is relationship, learning, growth, development, trust, and performance, in safety and beyond.

  • Our delivery is emotional, practical, and as easy as it can be.

  • Our style is coaching.



XFluence will support individuals to become great leaders in safety to drive their organizations’ development towards an interdependent safety culture. 

To this end, XFluence offers webinars, podcasts, training, and workshops, with a focus on:

  • Promoting a view of safety that is about people, not processes, procedures, compliance, and numbers.

  • Rethinking applied practices regarding their real potential for safety performance and culture improvements.

  • Spreading the beauty of professional coaching skills and techniques and its power when applied in the area of safety (“safety coaching”)

XFluence guarantees impact and progress. However, success depends on you. But it’s easier than you might think.

We invite you to join us on our journey towards amazing progress in safety. 


Watch out for XFluence, the “X-Factor” in your safety program.

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