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What we do

XFluence supports individuals to become great leaders in safety so that they will drive their organizations’ development towards an interdependent safety culture. To this end, our offerings focus on:


... a view of safety that is about people, not processes, procedures, compliance and numbers


... applied practices regarding their real potential for safety performance and culture improvements


... the beauty of professional coaching skills and techniques and its power when applied in the area of safety (“safety coaching”)


... impact and progress. However, success depends on you. But it’s easier than you might think.

Video Conference
Live Online Classes

Enjoy a fresh shot of information. Informative, interactive and to the point. Dive with us into the fantastic world of safety coaching and learn from experiences of other safety leaders. 

Image by Jonathan Velasquez
PodCasts & VideoCasts

Let's have a deep dive into various fascinating topics such as safety coaching, culture and leadership, psychological safety, safety differently and more. And of course we will talk to the real experts and experienced practitioners.

Online Workshop
Online Trainings

You are ready to become a great safety leader and coach? Our experiential trainings with a bit of theory and a lot of practice will provide you with everything you need to have a successful start of your amazing journey towards safety excellence.  

Football Player Huddle
XFluence Huddles

Let's hang out with other practicing safety coaches, the ones that just started and the ones that want to learn more about it. No agenda, no hosts, just exchange and lots of good vibrations.  

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